We take an active approach to our investments. We don’t invest in managed funds and stay focused on our participating asset classes.

our industries


BridgeLane is focused on delivering boutique luxury apartments in vibrant urban areas. Setting new benchmarks through achieving sustainable creative design and attention to detail.


Through our wholly owned subsidiary, LIAG Argentina S.A., we are one of the largest grain and cotton growers in Latin America. Our current focus is expanding this investment thesis in the region.

Our agriculture portfolio provides a hedge against inflation and typically is uncorrelated to our investments in venture capital.


We focus on centrally located income generating commercial buildings. These provide balance to our portfolio. We approach these investments with a long-term view and prefer buildings that demonstrate architectural significance, thus enhancing occupancy.

venture capital

BridgeLane provides venture and growth funding to innovative technology companies that demonstrate the capability to disrupt their relevant industries, and reinvest heavily for growth.

Venture rounds are typically concluded through our managed fund, Tank Stream Ventures Fund (TSV), or co-investment with TSV. These companies demonstrate strong market traction, although can be pre-revenue.

We classify companies as growth once they are post revenue and have valuations typically over $12 million and up to $75 million with at least $1 million annual revenue. Potential investee companies have near term exit expectations and in some instances are pre-IPO rounds.

venture labs

BridgeLane Venture Labs conceptualizes business ideas through our various areas of expertise. We create innovative and disruptive approaches to traditional industries with a focus on finance, real estate and infrastructure/logistics.

After initial financial, legal and tax feasibilities we implement a project plan to deliver strong business propositions to the market.

We are always searching for talented entrepreneurs so please check our Careers board for current positions in our venture lab companies.

Our Portfolio

BridgeLane’s portfolio covers three predominant alternative asset classes including Agriculture, Real Estate and Venture Capital. BridgeLane and its associated companies determine their portfolio mix on the basis of providing the best opportunity to fulfil its investment strategy.

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