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BridgeLane, a privately held company, was established in 2009 with the intention of creating a diversified investment vehicle. BridgeLane’s portfolio covers three predominant alternative asset classes including Agriculture, Real Estate and Venture Capital. BridgeLane and its associated companies determine their portfolio mix on the basis of providing the best opportunity to fulfil its investment strategy.

The strategy is centred on the objective of maintaining long term capital appreciation and constant income, together with taking advantage of opportunistic growth asset classes. The former is catered for by the Group’s investments in Agriculture and Commercial Real Estate, while the latter is focused on Residential Developments and Venture Capital.



We take an active approach to our investments.
We don’t invest in managed funds, and stay focused on our participating asset classes.

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  • BridgeLane founded startup, BrickX, has just announced the the launch of it’s new Smart Invest product. As BrickX state’s “We’ve updated our mission, which is now to help Australians build a house deposit smarter, sooner and easier than ever...

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