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    BridgeLane is a privately held investment company conceptually based on the ideals of a diversified investment model. Our company holds interests in diversified asset classes.


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    LIAG’s principal operations are focused on the production of livestock and irrigated and non-irrigated grains and oilseeds (Wheat, Corn, Sorghum, Soybeans, Sunflower, etc) in addition to cotton fibre production.

  • Real Estate

    BridgeLane Property Group is focused on delivering boutique, luxury apartments and offices in vibrant urban areas and setting new benchmarks through sustainable creative design and detailed construction.

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    Private Equity

    A former Sydney car garage has had a new lease on life. The brainchild of Argentine-born chef Oscar Gorosito, the Bridge St Garage Bar & Diner provides a Latin American twist on an old favourite – the American-style bar and diner.


BridgeLane Group, trading through BridgeLane Capital, seeks equity opportunities in companies across a diverse range of sectors allowing us to focus on being opportunistic with our investments. BridgeLane Asset Management acts as BridgeLane Group's investment management arm for its agricultural, real estate and VC portfolios. For more information on our investments please follow the relevant links below.


BridgeLane, a privately held company, was established in 2009 with the intention of creating a diversified investment vehicle. BridgeLane’s portfolio covers a wide spectrum of asset classes including Agriculture, Equities, Real Estate and Venture Capital.

BridgeLane and its associated companies determine their portfolio mix on the basis of providing the best opportunity to fulfil its investment strategy. The strategy is centred on the objective of maintaining long term capital appreciation and constant income, together with taking advantage of opportunistic growth asset classes. The former is catered by the Group’s investments in Agriculture and Commercial Real Estate, while the later is focuses on Residential Developments and Venture Capital.